Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dawn of toy manufacturing in US

Three stories today show - not surprisingly - that there is increased momentum to shift toy manufacturing for US consumers back to the US.

Mattel's latest mammoth recall. Analysts assume that the 2nd and 3rd tier toy companies have just as big if not bigger problems and that the recalls will accelerate. Hey, where is Chuck Schumer? Chuck, what's taking you so long?

Toy R Us "baby bibs" contaminated with lead. Downright Un-American!

The few, the tiny, the US toy manufacturers - are swamped with new business.

Very predictable. When you buy a toy for your kid, it will now be commonplace to ask where it's manufactured. If the answer is China, no sale. If the answer is US, sale. Gee, how important are low costs now?

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