Saturday, June 23, 2007

Disabled Chickens and other funnies from China

Just returned from two weeks in China. Lots to report but first... some funny odds and ends from China Daily. Only when stuck in traffic in Beijing (which is most of the time) does one read China Daily cover to cover. But I was rewarded with these choice blurbs:

Stock-crazy parents urged to pay attention to kids

Some parents are so taken with the stock market that they seem to have forgotten their children.

To remind adults of their responsibilities, a middle school in Hangzhou recently asked its students to write letters to their parents to ask them to do a better job of looking after their children. Xiao Yun, a second grade student, wrote that her parents' happiness was tied to the performance of the market. They laugh when the index rises, and they are blue when it drops. She said her mother seldom cooks at home and rarely talks to her. The school urged parents to be a good example for their children.

(Today Morning Post)

'Disabled' chick makes for a meal

(China Daily)
Updated: 2007-06-19 17:19
A restaurant was fined 2,000 yuan ($260) after it was caught giving a short weight to a customer in Wuhan, Hubei, last Thursday.

A local resident surnamed Wang got only one chicken leg in a dish he ordered from Tiansheng Restaurant, which is known for its delicious chicken recipe. Wang had paid 58 yuan ($7) for the specialty dish.

Wang called the local industry and commerce department when the restaurant refused to admit it had given him short weight. The restaurant claimed that the chicken was "disabled".

Law enforcement personnel later visited in the restaurant and fined the restaurant. They also ordered the restaurant to give Wang a refund.

(Chutiian Metropolis News)

Woman's fingers plucked from pets' stomachs

Doctors at a hospital in Suizhong, Liaoning, successfully reattached two of a woman's fingers after she had cut three them off and then her pet dogs ate them. She was rushed to hospital on June 2 after chopping off her fingers. Doctors opened up the dogs' stomachs, picked out the two fingers inside and then reattached them. The woman is already able to move her reattached fingers.

(Chinese Business Morning News)

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