Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Human Rights Groups Are Irrelevant

The Asian Centre for Human Rights complained about the murder charge against former PM Sheikh Hasina:

Human rights groups, who have drawn attention to rising numbers of “disappearances” and incidents of torture since the declaration of the state of emergency, condemned the murder charges against Mrs Hasina.

“This is nothing but an afterthought of the military-backed interim government to ensure that Sheikh Hasina, who is on a private tour in the US, does not return to the country,” said Suhas Chakma, of the Asian Centre for Human Rights.

Hasina is one of the two women, along with lots of cronies and hangers-on who have caused Bangladesh to be poor by their gross corruption, mismanagement, and feuding. Meanwhile, average Bangladeshis celebrate the removal and prosecution of the whole sorry lot. And they don't care how it's done. For my part, I celebrate that the human rights of the 150 million ordinary poor Bangladeshis are at long last being looked after. What a surprise that its not human rights groups or the UN or other hopeless ignorant condescending do-gooders who can't see the forrest for the trees. Let's hope the new Bangladesh government continues to ignore them.

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