Why Obama Shares the Blame for Iraq

1. As we all know, failure to sign a status-of-forces agreement and pulling out all troops in 2011 cleared the way for ISIS. 

2. Less well known is that Maliki is Obama's guy.  Maliki's "Shia Nationalist" party LOST the election in 2010 to a multi-ethnic, secular (by Mid-East standards) coalition led by Ayad Allawi, someone the US knew well and could have done business with.  Iran openly backed Maliki.  Obama had psychologically already vacated Iraq. He'd promised to get out, he would get out, Iraq was nothing but the residue of a mistake. Hence, Joe Biden was given responsibility for Iraq and decided (because all things in the universe are racial and ethnic to old school Dems) that since Iraq was majority Shia country, the ethnic Shia party must run things.  He also had complete confidence he could shoe-horn in a Kurd and a Sunni into to positions of influence in Malaki's government.  Obama?  AWOL as usual.  So the US, much to the surprise and confusion of allies in the region, backed the Iranian plan to tell the Iraqis that Allawi should not be given the first opportunity to form a government (as is the case in all parlimentary forms of government and as is spelled out in the Iraqi constitution) but instead: Maliki is the guy, everyone else get out of the way.

So we subverted Democracy, handed Iraq to the Iranians, and put Maliki in power. 

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