Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More on the Great China Property Collapse


Blame the media, China property edition | FT Alphaville The bank that brought “adaptive pricing” to the China property euphemism table just two weeks ago is getting quite a bit blunter. We’ll spare you more charts today, but here’s a chunk or two from Citi’s Oscar Choi and Marco Sze who have been forced into a shower of scare quotes by weaker than expected April data

Related: 楼市降价风暴刮至一线城市 避风港地位沦陷_财经_腾讯网 Chinese media really making the point that real estate prices are dropping, even in tier 1 cities

Related: 北京二手房降价趋势确立 房源激增加深观望情绪_新闻_腾讯网 Beijing second hand home prices dropping, sales listings increasing, market freezing up–CBN// 《第一财经日报》记者最近在市场走访时发现,楼市的低迷正在影响业主的价格预期,二手房报价普遍下调。与此同时,二手房供应量正急剧上升,陡然增加的供应,又加深了买方观望的情绪。

Related: 惊惧楼市寒意 投资客抛房疾走_房地产_中证网 front page Thursday of China Securities Journal on investors panicking, dumping Shenzhen real estate // 投资客曾是楼市勃兴时最为活跃的一个群体,而在市场陷入低迷时,他们也最先感受到寒意。近期,全国多个地区房屋成交低迷,楼市资金不断撤出。而号称“炒房”技术发源地的深圳,则出现投资者集中抛盘现象。

Related: 二手房降价蔓延:4月份北京87%房源挂牌价下调_21世纪网 21CBH on real estate prices dropping in Beijing

Related: 消息称北京一房企欲退地 楼面价超区域新房销售价格-财经网 The Beijing News reports that the winner of an April 10 Beijing land auction, a smaller local developer, wants to back out of deal, will likely lose its 423m RMB deposit. The developer paid 2.1B RMB for the Fengtai plot and the effective price per square meter of building area, not including construction costs or any other expenses, is higher than what what neighboring places selling for…failing land sales either means things get ugly fast or the government has to step in 

Related: 北京首套房贷利率松动可打9折 最快1天可放款_网易新闻中心 Beijing loosens mortgages for first time home buyers, processing applications faster // 《法制晚报》记者走访北京市场发现,首套房贷款利率出现“松动”,北京农商银行给出9折优惠。另外,多家银行的放款时间加快,年初至少需要1个月以上的时间,现在基本在10个工作日左右,最快的甚至1天放款。

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