Tuesday, May 20, 2014

America the Hypocritical: Why China has a legitimate gripe about US spying

The State Department, the WSJ, and indeed all media I have read, in response to the Chinese complaints that, "you do it too", make a distinction between national security and theft of commercial secrets (we say - trusting the NSA - we do the former but not the latter). But the Chinese don't see the distinction. To them, commercial interests and national security are deeply intertwined - and this is a rational, legitimate view in my opinion, even if our system is different. Because of our out of control industrial spying complex, we're forced to make the case that our spying is good and their spying is bad. To anyone who is not an American, that's a tough story to believe after James Clapper and other senior intelligence officials have lied and obfuscated, not "just" to the world but to elected representatives who are charged with overseeing them. I'm an American and I don't trust any of them. I think China has a point. 

Indicting China's Hackers - WSJ.com


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