Saturday, March 22, 2014

US Tech Terrified Of Obama's NSA - It's All About The Money Money Money

Are their liberal principals outraged? Are they passionate defenders of personal liberty and privacy?  No!  Of course not.  They're pissed off because the NSA's invasion of the entire world's privacy risks screwing up their business - of invading most of the world's privacy and selling off its secrets! How can we convince the Chinese to allow their 1.2 billion people to enjoy sharing baby pictures on Facebook and trust that we aren't spying on them when... we ARE spying on them! Damn you NSA, this is America, only private enterprise is allowed to screw people over!  

My god, think how many jobs will be lost!  Okay, not many cause we don't actually employ that many but think about the hit to the stock multiple! 

Zukerberg Says Obama Steps on NSA Spying Not Enough - DailyFinance

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