Sunday, March 2, 2014

Uganda's Disgrace

The disaster unfolding in Uganda and Nigeria:

Uganda rejects Western money over new anti-gay law

Uganda has said it is no longer willing to accept international aid if it means giving in to foreign countries which oppose its new anti-homosexuality law.

  In an interview The Daily Telegraph, Mr Lokodo said: "We want to rid this country of homosexuality and if that means these people, Obama, Hague, you name them, want to stop their aid, then let them. We don't need aid, we won't die poor and we will at least be able to save these gays from damnation."

Uganda annually receives more than one billion a year in aid.

Since the new Anti-Homosexuality Act was passed last week, violence against gays has accelerated with many being evicted from their homes and others losing jobs.

The law means that homosexuals can now be jailed for life if they are suspected of having sex together.
Those who fail to report suspected homosexuals can face terms of up to 14 years.

Tabloid newspapers in Uganda have been having a field day, helping to prosecute the new laws with names and photographs of alleged gay people.

Families and friends are starting to reject gay members of the Ugandan community, creating a new homeless class.

Mr Lokodo, a former evangelical Christian pastor, who won his job as Ethics Minister following support for the anti-gay laws, has been unapologetic about discrimination against homosexuals.

He has insisted that: "Respected experts and scientists have found homosexuality is not there by birth, it is learnt, it is chosen, therefore it is nurtured by someone. Those who recruit minors, children, to their homosexuality are intolerable. We will arrest them all, they will be in prison for life."

Already the World Bank has followed other donors to freeze a new loan worth around US$112 million. The World Bank said on Thursday that it was suspending 60 million in new loans for health services until it could fully analyse the new Ugandan law. Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway have already halted all aid.


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