Wednesday, March 12, 2014

States Block Tesla Sales On Behalf of Auto Dealers... To Protect Consumers!

Wait, what?

Tesla Stores May Be Closed After N.J. Blocks Direct Sales - Bloomberg

Being a life-long city dweller and non-car owner, this all news to me. Many state laws prohibit direct auto sales by the manufacturer. This is, we are told, to "protect consumers". As a consumer, I'm sure you feel comforted that you are being protected by being forced to buy from auto dealerships. Auto dealers, those paragons of transparency and fair dealing, always striving to put consumers first. For just a moment there it looked like a government protected monopoly financed by campaign contributions to politicians. Like UBER versus the NY Taxi Commission. But I was wrong. I'm being protected from buying the highest-rated car ever. I've been dreaming of buying a Chevy Volt...

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