Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Iron Curtain Rises in Europe

Putin's Crimean Crime

Putin is defiant. The Obama Administration, with Germany, work on plan to entice poor misguided Vlad to reverse his invasion. He is a bad boy who has misbehaved but he knows this now and wants to be good. But Putin is not a boy and he has not acted rashly and has ZERO intensional of withdrawing. Putin has now what he believed in his mind and heart and soul that Russia must have, what Peter The Great and czars past longed for for centuries, a warm water port on the Black Sea. It is, in the views of all Russian leaders as paramount and prerequisite for Empire - as all those who have read Russian history know, but Obama, who pretends to know all but who so clearly knows little, this is a mystery - even today. There is even less excuse for the Germans, French, Poles, etc. they are worried about short term economic consequences more than becoming the 21st century's Neville Chamberlain.

Obama was right. It was not the Cold War in 2013. But it is now again a Cold War and the West has agreed/allowed some countries to be ruled by a corrupt dictator, a violent thug. After Georgia and The Crimea, which nation, which people, which millions of human beings will be left to Vlad The Terrible to do with as he pleases? True peace and security require strength, moral confidence, and sacrifice - not words, words, and yet more words from the Kerry the Inexhaustible Windbag. Sounds signifying nothing! The 21st century as Obama and Kerry conceive it exists only in academia where they create and pray to left-wing utopian visions. We have moved a tiny but distinct step closer to war in Europe.

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