Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bi-Partisanship Breaking Out In Washington? Part II

Holder and Republicans Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws

Conservatives led the cruel crusade against small time drug dealers and users (typically blacks) in the 80s and though Dems weren't in the driver's seat on our spectacularly idiotic and harmful drug laws, they've also been virtually silent on the subject for political reasons (liberal New York still has among the most draconian laws in the country). But thank god for the libertarians and Rand Paul in particular for having the self-confidence to simply say what they think is right without poll-testing everything first. And Eric Holder, though making truly insane comments about Republicans re-instituting Jim Crow laws, is dead right on this issue. 

The odds are still slim at best but again, it's not a fudge, not a compromise - it's actual common ground! 

Holder and Republicans Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws

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