Friday, February 21, 2014

Why Your Netfix Connection Sucks

Wondering why it takes what seems like years for House of Cards to load?  And when it does load, the quality blows?  The answer is that you and me and millions of others are doing the same thing – and hence a fire hose of content is barreling down the broadband highway from Netflix's "house" to your house.  The owners of the highway would have to spend money to increase the size of the highway but Netflix is refusing to pay a penny (unlike Google and Amazon and others) so the owners of the highway (Time Warner, Verizon, et al.) are saying, "fine, you can take the same two-lane route as everyone else. Hope you aren't in a hurry".  This piece in the Journal summarizes what's going on. Netflix-Traffic Feud Leads to Video Slowdown


Perfect snapshot of what net neutrality is all about.  By no means is the answer simple or obvious.  There are no obvious villains or innocents, little guys and big bullies.  Reality is complicated.  Netflix and it's owners are minting money.  It used to be a small upstart, now it's just another big business.  We have to pay for the (actual) roads we use, one way or another, roughly in line with the degree of usage.  Why should the internet be different?

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