Friday, February 7, 2014

Amazon is bad for the environment

I’m just stating the obvious, I think you will agree.  The other day (without thinking?), I bought an iPhone plug adaptor so I could use my iPhone 4 recharger for my new iPhone 5 - online via Amazon.  It came two days later (I have Prime, natch) in a small cardboard box stuffed with plastic air pockets and my little bitty adaptor.  I could have bought the same product at Best Buy two blocks away from my apartment sparing the world the incremental space taken up by my little box on a plane and a truck, and the packaging.  Online is currently 6% of total retail sales.  What happens when it gets to 25%?  There won’t be room for airplanes or cars carrying actual people.


This is so Amazingly obvious, I’m guessing “the world” will come around to this view very soon.  I’m going to play Futurist: on-line shopping and the crushing of bricks and mortar retail has reached its peak.  America will come to it’s senses and tell itself: get off our asses!  We don’t need EVERYTHING to be delivered to our doors so that we never have to take off our pajamas.


So… Amazon is bad for the environment.  And this is death for a dominant brand in 2014. 

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