Thursday, January 9, 2014

Deals with the Devil. Be Careful What You Wish for Thailand and Egypt

Opponents of the Shinawatra clan (and, by implication, unavoidably, the majority of Thais, mostly poor Northerners) are so blinded by hatred, they are destroying democracy and the rule of law in the their country.  Impossible that this should be wise.  Equally abhorrent is the abject betrayal of the ideals of the Egyptian uprising by the so-called “liberal” leaders of the 2011 revolution.  For months they have bowed down, actually praised and demonstrated, in support of a military dictatorship and the full “deep state” apparatus of torture and fear, essentially unchanged since Mubarak's fall - so deep is their hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Is this the vote of the “Arab street”?  Give us back Mubarak??

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